A tour of flavors at La Vega


If you are doing a tour of Santiago de Chile, you probably noticed that across the Mapocho River lies a colorful market, La Vega Central. She is the main supply center of the city and favorite spot for tourists who want to experience the traditional side of the city. Many of them opt for apartments for rent in Santiago for a more comfortable stay.

The origin of La Vega Central goes back to colonial times Chilean. Farmers living in La Chimba sector, which was located north of Santiago, had to cross the Mapocho River to bring their products to the Plaza de Armas. During the eighteenth century with the construction of the Puente Cal y Canto settled in around a large number of vendors and peddlers.

Buyers and visitors circulating the halls of this huge market of 6 million square feet revel in a unique combination of aromas of fruit and vegetables. If you take a tour of the site, you’ll find delicious cheeses, herbs, and even clothing stores, books and restaurants in the surrounding.

This market is located in the Patronato, between Avenida Recoleta with Antonia Lopez de Bello. If you are in a hotel in Santiago de Chile or staying in one of the apartments for rent available, you can go by minibus or underground, using line 2 and get off at the station of Trustees, or you can also take a taxi.

This market is open every day of the year, all day. On Sundays, they close early and serve no public holidays. La Vega Central is a tourist event must for any traveler. You will be thrilled with its festive atmosphere and enthusiasm of vendors. If you want to stay longer in the city and visit other places of interest, find apartments for rent or make your reservation at a hotel in Santiago de Chile.