What to do in Easter Island?

Easter Island is in Chilean Polynesia and has a population of 5043 inhabitants, located in the only town and capital of the island, Hanga Roa. With its incredible beauty and culture, is one of the major tourist destinations of India.

Other economic activities, besides tourism, is fishing. On the island are two financial entities, Banco Santander and Banco del Estado de Chile and one pharmacy. There is only one airline that comes to the same LAN, which made several trips weekly.

The cultural base of the island corresponds to the ethnic Rapanui. In February of each year is the Tapati festival, in which different activities like painting ancestral body, legends and stories of the descent of a hill on banana trunks. During the two weeks that the festival takes place, the hotels receive large numbers of tourists.

Besides the traditional festivals, there are numerous sites that tourists like to visit the archaeological complex of Tahai, composed altars where ancestors were revered, the most important hill Island, Mauna Terevaka, is the highest, and presents at its end the Rano Aroi, and from it you can see the three vertices of the Island. 5 km from Hanga Roa, Ahu Vinapu is the altar where ceremonies were conducted ancestor worship of each of the inhabitants of the island, consisting of three ahu: Valparaiso I, II and III each comprising different stone structures.

Another site that can not fail to visit Anakena is a white sand beach located 30 km from Hanga Roa, guarded by seven Moai, Rano Roracu is the place where he carved moai as much and which also observed in different structures stages of construction.

Easter Island offers a host of other sites worth touring. It is undoubtedly a tourist’s paradise.